References HTTESS

STORASOL is a young company and on the successful path to realise its first own thermal energy storage references. Beside the longterm vast experiences of the STORASOL management in the execution of large scale plants, different small scale plants have been built and successfully operated in the course of the HTTES -development:

  • Large scale HTTES demonstration plant in the MWh-range with several modules has been successfully realized at University of Bayreuth, Project name: ORCTES
  • First pilot plant (demonstration of principle system functionality and dedication of key main parameters (e.g. pressure loss))
  • Isothermal fluid model plant (Evaluation of main flow parameters and verification of CFD-calculation)
  • HTTES -modul for demonstration purpose and tests on high temperature level
  • HTTES -modul with all key construction elements of the large scale module for detailed tests and design verification


The large scale HTTES -demonstration plant at University of Bayreuth (Project name: ORCTES) has been the last step on the road to commercialization. With the ORCTES-facility thermal energy is stored with temperatures of up to 600 °C. When discharging the energy storage the heat is transfered to electricity via an ORC-turbine (Organic Rankine Cycle). The ORCTES-plant is successful in operation since 2015.

A short video of the University Bayreuth about the application of an ORC in combination with a STORASOL-HTTES can be viewed under the following link: