Price for HTTES modules

The core elements of a HTTES -system (High Thermal Energy Storage - system) are the storage modules in which the high temperature heat is efficiently stored. The design of the modules is consisting of a lot of detailed features which allow to store the heat/ charging the modules in an efficient and flexible way, and as required to discharge the heat on demand.

We are ready to provide a first rough cost estimation about a HTTES-system on short notice, please contact us. In most cases the economics of such HTTES-system are very attractive.

Generally the best way to your HTTES -system and to harvest the economic advantages is as follows:

a) You collect the data of the frame conditions (available heat, temperature levels, heat amount in MWh, heat power in MW or kW, volume flow etc.). Ideally you fill in the form with the questions related to your eneryg storage project and send it to us via, you can download the questionnaire here: 181025-storasol-httes-questionnaire-energy-sto.pdf [230 KB]

b) You contact us and we support you in the first HTTES-design and cost evaluation.

In case the installation and operation of a HTTES -system is interesting for you then:

c) We prepare a legally binding offer for you.

d) direct after the order is placed we commence with the excution of your project.