Technology description

An overview about the STORASOL- energy storage technology is shown in the folllowing download: storasol-flyer-english.pdf [2.227 KB]

An application is shown in the short video of University of Bayreuth about the combination of ORC and the STORASOL-HTTES:

The HTTES -technology has the following main characteristics:

  • Simple
  • Robust
  • fit for future
  • very economic with regard to investement and maintenance
  • broad spectrum of application possibilities

High Temperature Storage Module

One of the key advantages of the HTTES -technology is the use of silica sand, gravel, rock or stones as heat storage medium and ambient air or flue gas as heat carrier medium. The main new characteristics and the key-know-how are the following items:

a) Air as heat carrier medum is used in an open cycle with a dedicated heat recovery air-to-air-heat exchanger. Flue gas can be used as well as heat carrier medium, in such case the storage modules are integrated into the flue gas system.


b) Engineering development works of several years have led to a design-know-how how to optimise the heat exchange in the storage and keeping at the same time the pressure loss on lowest level to ensure low energy own consumption.

Meanwhile the HTTES -technology and several design items are published and the international patent application is in process (see PCT/EP2011/063453 and international publishing nr WO2012/017041 A2).

HTTES - system (schematic)

With the following link you can download a presentation with many details about the function of our HTTES -Technology:140109_stora_tess-entwicklung-englisch_final.pdf [4.554 KB]

The presentation slides or the IRES 2016-conference are available for download:160316_storasol_ires-fin.pdf [2.950 KB]