The STORASOL- HTTES -technology has been developed by enolcon gmbh since second quarter 2010. The ignition for these works has been the recognition that renewable energies which are based on fluctuating energy sources (such as Solar, Wind) will need energy storage technologies.

The development works started with a diligent analysis of the available technologies and the technologies under actual development. On such basis it has been decided by enolcon which technology path will be followed. From that point the HTTES -technology development has been performed in structured and professional way. The engineering works and studies have been accompanied in parallel by the construction and operation of pilot- and test plants.

The large scale demonstration HTTES -plant at University of Bayreuth is since 2015 successful in operation. This HTTES -facility is storing high temperature heat with temperatures up to 600 °C in the MWh-range and has a charging capacity of approx. 1.85 MWth.