Actual activities and news at STORASOL GmbH:

May 2019:

An international conference took plae at 21st and 22nd May 2019 in Kortrijk, Gent in Belgium: 5th International Conference on Industrial Waste heat Valorization (Kortrijk, Belgium)

Dr. Guenter Schneider, Managing Director of STORASOL and enolcon has been invited to give a presentation about the STORASOL-HTTES applied in a brick manufactury, title: HTTES – operational experience and practical application case in brick industry, outlook to other HTTES-markets
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March 2019:

At 11th March 2019 a networking event with companies from Brazil took place in Stuttgart ("Solar electricity (PV&CSP) and energy storage technologies").

STORASOL has been invited to give a presentation and to introduce company STORASOL GmbH. Dr. Guenter Schneider was explaining the HTTES-technology to Brazilian and German industry representatives. Especially the application of the STORASOL-HTTES as electricity storage (' Thermal battery ') was of great interest.

February 2019:

STORASOL has been invited to participate at the Start-up BW Summit 2019 in Stuttgart. Beside many good discussions at the STORASOL-booth Dr. Hartmut Maier had the opportunity to present STORASOL GmbH and the HTTES-technology to an interested auditorium.

November 2018:

From the world wide patent applications we meanwhile receive more and more patent grants, for example we received actually the patent certificate from Korea.

It can be observed that the interest to use our HTTES as electricity storage for surplus electricity is increasing. Such concept is allowing lower electrical efficiencies compared to battery systems, but is economically still much more attractive.

June 2018:

ACHEMA 2018: This huge world exhibition takes place only every 3 years. The STORASOL booth has been of great interest to many visitors from all regions of the world. Very interesting discussions took place with many business opportunities.
The presentation of Dr. Günter Schneider at 14th June 2018 has been positively received by the auditorium. It has been acknowledged that STORASOL is the only company at ACHEMA 2018 offering a High Temperature Thermal Energy Storage on commercial basis.

Januar 2018 - May 2018:

The preparation works for the ACHEMA in June 2018 are ongoing with high priority. We would be glad if you visit us in hall 5.1, booth E85.
Please note that Dr. Günter Schneider, Managing Director of STORASOL is giving a presentation at 14th June 2018, time 12:30 - 13:00, location is CMF - Harmonie 4.
The oral presentation with the title "Use of thermal energy storage systems in industrial processes" is part of the session "Future energy supply - Efficient use of heat".

August - December 2017:

STORASOL is active in different markets where a High Temperature Thermal Energy Storage (HTTES) can be applied technically meaningful and economically attractive.
Especially several international Power utilities are evaluating the possibilities of applying a HTTES as an Electricity storage system.

The first TESS 2D (as demonstration module) has been delivered to South-Korea.

July 2017:

Among many companies STORASOL has been nominated for the 'Umwelttechnikpreis 2017' für the HTTES in the Category 1, Energy Efficiency.
Dr. Maier and Dr. Schneider received the award for the nomination from the Environmental Minister, Mr. Franz Untersteller, at Thursday, 13th July 2017 in Stuttgart.

April 2017:

Participation in Hannover at the Hannover fair 2017: Hannover Messe 2017 from 24th - 28th April 2017. Our booth has been in hall 27 in the joint area for „Junge innovative Unternehmen“ (young innovative companies) within the fair Energy.

The participation was a great success - many interested people and potential clients have visited our booth.


Juni 2016 - März 2017:

1) At 5th and 6th October 2016 STORASOL has been represented with a booth at the "Ressourceneffizienz- und Kreislaufwirtschaftskongress in Karlsruhe". As usual the HTTES -technology has received great interest.

2) In March 2017 STORASOL was participating at the IRES (International Renewable Energy Storage) - Conference with a Poster-presentation. A copy of the poster, which has been presented by STORASOL together with University of Bayreuth and enolcon gmbh, which is providing information about the ORCTES-project, is available as download:170313_ires2017_poster.pdf [2.269 KB]

3.) More and more world wide HTTES -patents are granted, beside countries like for example Japan, South-Africa etc. the HTTES-technology is meanwhile also protected via a patent in the USA !

April - Mai 2016:
1) At 2nd May 2016 STORASOL was represented with a booth at 'Connect Ideas2Business',at IHK in Karlsruhe. In addition the energy storage technology has been presented to an interested auditorium.

2) At 3rd May 2016 the STORASOL-Managing Director Dr. Günter Schneider has presented the HTTES -technology to an international expertise auditorium at an event at DECHEMA in Frankfurt which has been organized by the DLR. Title of this event has been "Thermal Energy Storage - Perspectives and Applications in an industrial environment".

3) First potential clients have already prepared the connection for a HTTES -system of STORASOL.

4) The ORCTES-plant in Bayreuth is since 2015 in regular operation, meanwhile normal operation with more than 500 °C takes place. As expected the High temperatur thermal energy storage system works properly.

Dezember 2015 - März 2016:
1) At 16th March 2016 STORASOL has presented the first operational results of the STORASOL-HTTES in combination with the ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) at the worlds largest energy storage conference in Düssledorf, Germany (IRES - International Renewable Energy Storage). The presentation slides are available for download: 160316_storasol_ires-fin.pdf [2.950 KB]

2) At 3rd March 2016 an energy storage symposium took place at University of Bayreuth. Several presentations of ZET/University Bayreuth, enolcon gmbh, STORASOL GmbH and Kelvion formed an interesting frame program. The participants got the opportunity to visit the energy storage system and the ORC, the energy storage system HTTES has been in operation showing impressing charging curves.

3) The ORCTES-energy storage system is collecting successfully operational data. The operation modes have been further optimized and an improvement of the air channel system has reduced the pressure loss in the pipe system by 20 mbar (!). Meanwhile electricity has been produced with the ORC-turbine during discharging of the HTTES.

November 2015:
1) The ORCTES-HTTES plant has been operated in the connected mode to the ORC-system: The heat transfer worked perfect ! The full evaporation of the fluid of the ORC in the heat exchanger worked and the energy storage system has already in the first connected operation demonstrated its strength to provide stable heat to the ORC-system.

2) STORASOL and University of Bayreuth have been invited to hold a presentation at the IRES 2016 in March in Düsseldorf about the first operation experiences (International Renewable Energy Storage - conference).

October 2015:
1) The ORCTES-HTTES plant has been operated in October 2015 the first time in an intensive test mode with high temperatures. During this test operation the huge amount of more than 2 million measurement values have been collected. The measurement grid is very dense and the big amount of measurement points allows a very transparent insight into the processes during charging and discharging of the storage modules.

The result of this test operation has been a great success: The data have confirmed the expectation and in many points even outperformed !

2) On invitation of the 'Umwelttechnik Baden-Württemberg' STORASOL - Managing Director Dr. Günter Schneider has presented the innovative energy storage technology during the '4. Ressourceneffizienz- und Kreislaufwirtschaftskongress Baden-Württemberg' in Stuttgart in front of a very interested audience.

September 2015:
The ORCTES-HTTES plant has earlier than scheduled passed the tightness tests and flow-through tests successfully. Since 17th September 2015 the whole system is ready for operation. The demonstration-operation will commence in October/November 2015.

Effizienz Gipfel - Stuttgart 2015

July 2015:
1) STORASOL - Managing Director Dr. Günter Schneider has been invited to present the STORASOL-Energy storage technology at the '3rd Effizienz-Gipfel' in Stuttgart at 6th July 2015. On the basis of business case examples the very attractive economics of the technology has been demonstrated.

2) STORASOL has operated successfully the TESS 2 C at temperatures of 600 °C and above with excellent results.

3) At 13th July 2015 the erection and mounting of the large scale HTTES-plant at University of Bayreuth has commenced. The ORCTES-project is fully within schedule and commissioning is foreseen to commence end of September 2015.

June 2015:
Manufacturing of the flue gas-/air heat exchanger is almost finished. The manufacturing of the storage modules has commenced, the isolation material is ordered, the high temperature valves are already available. First tests of the measurement equipment will take place end of June 2015.

Temperature record: The TESS 2 C- storage test facility has shown excellent results for charging and discharging during the operation tests at temperatures of more than 600 °C !

February 2015:
STORASOL GmbH wins Award in the category 'Advanced stage' as 'Best Business Idea'. More informationen about the event can be found in the official press release of GIIF: pm_03_bwcon_utbw_green-innovation-and-investme.pdf [402 KB]

January 2015:
Engineering works for the ORCTES-plant are full steam ahead ongoing. The heat exchanger for transfering the heat to air as heat carrier medium has been ordered at company GEA Ecoflex.

November 2014:
STORASOL, enolcon and the Steinbeis-company ATEV located at University of Bayreuth are signing the contract about the realization of the large scale high temperature thermal energy storage HTTES (Project name ORCTES). The HTTES will be connected with an ORC-plant and it is foreseen to transfer the stored high temperature heat into electricity when discharging the storage.

The 'Mittelständische Beteiligungsgesellschaft Baden-Württemberg (MBG GmbH)' is supporting STORASOL as typical calm shareholder in financing the large ORCTES-energy storage -demonstration facility at University of Bayreuth.

Furthermore STORASOL receives from the state of Baden-Württemberg the 'Innovation voucher B'. This grants are supporting STORASOL in financing and realizing the ORCTES-facility in Bayreuth.

Further activities until Q4 2014:

  • Measurements with the isothermal fluid model plant succesfully finished
  • Verfication of a CFD-planning tool successfully finished
  • Operation of TESS 2 B with different material (e.g. Sand) ongoing
  • Successful commissioning and operation of TESS 2 C, which has already almost all technical features of the large scale storage modules


Please find as well the following actual documents for download:

- Published paper about the economical comparison between different CSP- concepts and energy storage concepts. This paper has been published at the Solarpaces-conference in September 2014 in Bejing: solarpaces2014-dmsdsg-httes-comparison-schneid.pdf [560 KB]

- Published paper showing measurement results and packed bed behaviour on the basis of measurements with the TESS-plants. The paper has been published in September 2014 in Bejing: 1409-schlipf_usingsmallgrainedmaterialpackedbe.pdf [571 KB]

- Poster at the Solapaces-conference in Las Vegas in September 2013: 130828_solarpaces_sp13_poster.pdf [1.029 KB]

- Published paper in 2013: solarpaces2013-httess-paper_39089_b.pdf [881 KB]

HTTES - module (large scale)